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$18 USD/oră
Steagul INDIA
ahmedabad, india
Evaluarea noastră
$18 USD/oră
Momentan, aici este ora 10:21 a.m.
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AddWeb Solution


4,6 (45 recenzii)
$18 USD/oră
Steagul INDIA
ahmedabad, india
$18 USD/oră
91 %
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96 %
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95 %
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Offshore Development: Web | Mobile | Cloud

recenzie recomandată
"Amazing level of feedback and responsiveness. They took charge to get this project scoped properly and setup a ticketing system and had weekly meetings--if anything they were more prepared to execute and deliver than we usually are. This is an honest to goodness responsive team that delivers. They are on top of things and will work to meet your goal--transparent, fast to answer and smart. "
- Compass L.
Hello/Bonjour/Vitayu, We have been into website designing, development and maintenance for the past 12+ years and gained expertise in multiple domains over the period of time. => We assign dedicated resource as a 'single point of contact' to avoid communication gap. => Our Technical Skillset: DevOps | React | ReactJS | Laravel | Drupal | SEO | SilverStripe | .Net | OctoberCMS | WordPress | others... => We are a proud member of NASSCOM, Acquia partner, and a certified ISO Company. => Our contribution on StackOverflow: [login to view URL] => Our Happy Clients: [login to view URL] ** Payment terms: We are flexible as per requirement.
Freelancer PHP Developers India

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Articole în portofoliu

Project Brief - Kids Connection Learning Center, LLC, has created an environment where teachers support the nurturing and learning your child needs. We are hands-on owners who offer a personal interest in your family's childcare decisions, where each child's natural curiosity and creativity are developed. Kids Connection is dedicated to providing the foundation to encourage your child's lifelong love of learning. In order to accomplish these goals, Kids Connection will:

What we did
FB Campaign - for leads generation. 
- We will create campaign from scratch (Single/multiple depending on needs).
- Content and graphics creation included in it.
- Maintenance and management for the month.
- $15-20/per day, for the campaign investment.
- Will target the location "Sharon Hill + 10mi"

SEO Outcome [Total data of 2 months]
Spent: 672$ spent
Reach: 35000
Impression: 83000
Ads Click 800
Leads Generated: 220

Target Keywords:
Fall Camp 
Summer Camp

Tool use: Canva, Adobe
Campaign Manager Certificate
Project brief - This is a Photography website that is built in the show.it & is managed in WordPress. Where users can book the appointment for photography sessions there will be different modes like portrait, headshot, etc. And this photography is available only to Oconomowoc and Milwaukee city of Wisconsin stats. 

What we did
- Keywords Optimization
- Search Console, GA & GMB Set Up
- On-Page SEO
- Off-Page SEO
- Website Audit
-Google Ads [Search & Display]
-LI Ads [Lead generation]
-FB Ads. 
-Blog optimization & regular blog posting
Project Brief: Automated Video Translation - A system that intakes videos and outputs translated versions of videos in a partially automated process. It’s a AWS based automated backend system. 

What we did:  
- Architecture setup through SAM serverless for dev and test environments for all the AWS resources needed.
-Setup SQS queues through SAM templates and created a following queues
 1. localizationRequests
 2. localizationRequestApproved
 3. localized
 4. localizationRequestError
 5. localizationResultAccepted
-Setup following S3 buckets through SAM templates
 1. intake
 2. errors
 3. processed
 4. output
 5. delivery
-Create lambda functions prototypes
-Create DynamoDb table structure
-Set event to read media object from receiving SQS (localizationRequests)
-Created a record localizationRequests activity in DynamoDB
-Set `localizationRequestError` bucket event such as whenever a media file is added along with a text/JSON file it will trigger a lambda function
Node Compass
A ready-made eCommerce app to bring business to your fingertips without any coding or technical know-how and offer a seamless buying experience to the shoppers whenever and wherever they are.
On Demand E-commerce Portal
Our software is a fully featured, secure web-based school management system with great support.
On Deamnd Education Portal


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$300,00 USD
AddWeb displayed great enthusiam and skills to get the job done. Much appreciated
Website Design Website Testing Usability Testing UX / User Experience UI / User Interface
Avatarul utilizatorului
Steagul Gabriel D. @gtdafeakeh
1 an în urmă
€250,00 EUR
Great job. Looking to work with them again.
PHP Drupal
Avatarul utilizatorului
Steagul Abel A. @aaguadosanchez
1 an în urmă
£750,00 GBP
I don't like leaving a bad review, but this freelancer didn't do any work at all. I had three meetings to discuss the project, and all three meetings went really well. I felt they were professional and I was confident that the project was going to be delivered on time for my deadline. But then I didn't hear anything from anyone for two weeks until I was told that they can't start the work for another two months. Really bad management and serious lack of professionalism.
Shopify React.js
Avatarul utilizatorului
Steagul Robin @savvymarcom
1 an în urmă
$110,00 USD
I was going to leave the comments alone but this developer complained to Freelancer that I end the project that was never really completed. Since very little work was done, I cannot comment of quality and expertise, so I gave a neutral 3 of 5. Communications was very good, 5, but professionalism and likely I would rehire has to be a 1. I thought it would have been better to leave all alone and move on instead of bringing up bad business. I'm sure I will not receive good marks either
Steagul James F. @globaltechkyllc
2 ani în urmă
€3.064,00 EUR
A discovery phase including flowcharts, where the CEO himself promised to deliver it for a fixed number of hours (80). In the end they charged 97h, providing like 40 sentences and a picture showing, three nodes. One representing a website, another one the server and the last one, the storage. (WebRTC uses several different servers and has way more complicated setup and logic). When confronted and asked to redo that part, or reimburse he just replied: "There are loads of grey areas...".
Steagul Daniel K. @DanielKr
2 ani în urmă


Flutter App Development

AddWeb Solution
iun. 2017 - Prezent
Help you streamline your business with inspiring cross-platform apps using Google Flutter! + Flutter Packages: https://pub.dev/packages/custom_camera + Flutter Coding Standards: https://flutter.dev/docs/development/tools/formatting

Silverstripe Development

AddWeb Solution
mar. 2016 - Prezent
The developer's team of AddWeb are masters of coding, be it any tech-stack of any shapes and sizes. Our profile on Silverstripe speaks for our active membership in the community: https://goo.gl/TDp1Vp The framework has several exciting features: supportive & responsive framework, extensible web app interface, RB configurable security model, et al. AddWeb being the one-of-its-kind team of quality developers, would like to introduce you to our team of first-rate Silverstripe developers in India.

React Development

AddWeb Solution
ian. 2016 - Prezent
React is the new game-changer and we are fortunate enough to have brilliant resources to deliver BESPOKE outcomes. Backed up with 3+ years of experience, we understand React(JS + Native) to its core. Coding Standards we follow: https://github.com/thecodingmachine/react-native-boilerplate


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

India 2001 – 2005
(4 ani)

BCA [Dropout]

Indira Gandhi National Open University, India 2001 – 2003
(2 ani)


IELTS - English Proficiency Exam

IDP Australia
IELTS is an English language proficiency exam that reports at all levels from low intermediate to very advanced. There is a general and academic version.

Analytics Certification

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is a demonstration of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ exam.


Top 5 Benefits and Advantages of .Net Framework for Developing Business Applications

Saurabh D
URL:https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/top-5-benefits-and-advantages-net-framework-developing-business-applications The .NET Framework is one of the programming models which supports construction and operations of various applications for Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure, and XML internet services. It is created by Microsoft and operates on Microsoft Windows. The .NET Framework includes a large class library which is known as Framework category Library...

Deployment and Extensive Analysis of GatsbyJS

Saurabh D
URL:https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/deployment-extensive-analysis-of-gatsbyjs1 Static websites are now decreasing in importance, and over the recent years dynamic websites are now essentially taking over. In view of enhancing the performance, several organizations in the market are now moving towards the static site generators that seamlessly work with Content Management Systems.....

Drupal User Registration Via REST API Service Module - An Example And Possible Roadblocks

Saurabh D
URL:https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/drupal-user-registration-rest-api-service-module-example-and-possible-roadblocks Services Module is a standardized solution for building API's so that external clients can communicate with Drupal. It provide Drupal plug-ins that allow others to create their own authentication mechanisms, request formats, and response formats. Some of the existing users of this module may have faced the service registration issues while implementing...

How to Setup a CI/CD Pipeline with Kubernetes 2020

Ashish Jain
URL:https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/how-setup-cicd-pipeline-kubernetes-2020 When it comes to DevOps, the word that clicks in mind is CI/CD pipeline. Let's have a look at Definition of CI/CD pipeline: CI is straightforward and stands for continuous integration, a practice that focuses on making preparing a release easier. But CD can either mean continuous delivery or continuous deployment and while those two practices have a lot in common...

AddWeb Solution - Bronze Sponsor At WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019

Ankita Shrivastava
With more than 300 tech-minds at your service (24/7), WordPress stands as one of the finest and the most feasible platforms which serve as the best Content Management System(CMS), for your digital-presence. Initiating its association with only blogging aspects (before 16-years), the platform has evolved a lot, supporting many different types of web-contents including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites.....

Top 5 Reasons For Immense Popularity Of Laravel Framework - 2019

Ravi Maniyar
URL:https://in.pinterest.com/pin/862791241097353166/?lp=true On some stages of the phrase which says “Old Is Gold”, it’s true to say that in the ever-changing tech-world, PHP stands as one of the oldest and the most profound web-development languages. And holding hands in hands, Laravel Development Company holds the post of it’s(PHP’s) most prosperous framework. So before diving into the sea of major reasons why laravel tops the list, let’s first have a glance over it’s base. ......

The Evergreen SEO Recommendations!

Saurabh D
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/evergreen-seo-recommendations The world of SEO is an ever-changing one and yet a highly significant one. And hence, you can’t afford to stay unaware and ignorant of the current SEO trends and changes. Especially, because it helps in raising the presence of your website on the search engine from an ocean of other similar websites. We know that not everyone can be in a constant radar of the SEO trends, which is why there are SEO experts...

Database Migration Using Master Table!

Tripti Shah
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/database-migration-using-master-table Kindness costs nothing but pays you back in abundance. And it’s a blissful experience when you get to work for a project that revolves around all form of kindness. We’ve been working on a non-profit organizational project since a year now, which aims at bringing together all sorts of such organizations from a host of categories. Their core motive is to empower people and communities, by bridging the gap...

The Amazing Features Of ‘Amazon Web Services’!

Saurabh Dhariwal
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/amazing-features-amazon-web-services ‘Cloud Computing’ - a modern-day concept from the world of technology, with which all of us are connected in some or the other way. But seldom do we know what exactly it is and how it works. Maybe, because its often explained and spoke about in technical language, which alienates the common man from understanding it. So, let us share a brief understanding of cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS)....

What Is GovCMS?

Saurabh Dhariwal
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/what-govcms What is govCMS? The govCMS distribution is supported in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 version, which has installation profiles for Australian government websites and it is being actively managed on Github (https://github.com/govCMS/govCMS8) and features are maintained from https://www.govcms.gov.au/ To work with govCMS, we have to take care of some factors in order to create a site with the govCMS platform....

Boost Your Business With PWA!

Ashish Jain
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/boost-your-business-with-pwa We address the questions that matter the most and one such burning question, in today’s tech-world, is how investing in a particular technology can benefit one's business. So let us do the honors and throw some light on one such prevailing technology - Progressive Web Application(PWA), which can apparently amplify your business numbers. The web world is talking about it, so we also thought to talk about it.....

Continuous Delivery With Drupal - The Need Of The Hour!

Kalpit Lad
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/continuous-delivery-with-drupal-need-hour Continuous Delivery - A trending word in the world of technology. Continuous Delivery(CD), along with Continuous Integration(CI), is becoming a popular term even with the non-technical people. Both of these techniques - CI/CD are closely associated with the quality-oriented work methodologies - Agile and DevOps. And so are we!

6 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade To SilverStripe 4

Ankita Shrivastava
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/6-reasons-why-you-need-upgrade-silverstripe-4 Hold on! We know, you’ve had enough of these ‘6 reasons why you need to do a certain thing or not’ kind of listicles. The release of its latest version - SilverStripe 4, comes with the most stunning features that impressed us, immensely. So much so, that we strongly feel you must go forward to upgrade the recently released - SilverStripe 4...

WordPress Optimisation - More Of An Investment Than Expense!

Saurabh Dhariwal
URL: https://www.addwebsolution.com/blog/wordpress-optimisation-more-investment-expense Imagine you visit a website an..d it… take...s dog’s y….ears to load. What would you do - bear with its slow-paced speed and stick by its side, no matter how much time does it demand to be load; or quickly close the tab and move out for finding a better and faster alternative...

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