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    FileMaker Graphic Design Work 6 zile left

    ...imports only works for icon sizes up to 128px. FileMaker does not allow bigger SVG sizes. Also transparency PNG or EPS images do not stay transparent after a while due to a memory problem on FileMaker Pro The only way to ensure transparency is maintained indefinitely is to create shapes using multiple 1pt lines. If you know of a way to achieve this

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    Packaging for : Memory Foam Pillow with a Cooling Gel layer. WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE? We want the packaging to be: • Stylish and classic. • Eye-catching & create shelf presence. • Clean and crisp. • Embody Luxury and comfort. DESIGN SNAPSHOT: • 3x COLOURS MAXIMUM. • NO CURSIVE FONTS. • TEXT SHOULD EASY TO READ. • INTUITIVE LAYOUT (...

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    In a Sony videocamera (AX53) I need permanent access to video files folders in the internal memory card via USB/WiFi while it is recording or just after finishing. When the camera is recording the USB connection is stopped and no there is no access to the files/folders. We need to change that. Useful link: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Related

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    ...infringement. Examples of completed topics are shown immediately below: Rosemary: Rosemary has been used since ancient times. Greeks scholars both consumed and wore it to enhance memory and concentration, pharaohs were buried with it and even to today it is sometimes used in funerals and weddings, attesting to its popularity as a symbol of remembrance. For

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    ...The tracker should have: A GPS receiver GPRS modem three axis accelerometer sensor iButton driver ID reader 1-Wire bus for temperature and other environmental sensors Flash memory for data logging USB interface Internal battery monitoring and charging control ARM Cortex M3 processor Low power is a key requirement as was an efficient data exchange with

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    ...your computer you transfer an image to a memory for Harris Corner detection. 3. Once you release the reset, your design should read the image in the memory and calculate the corners and generate an output image, 4. There should be an indication saying the HC is done; then you should read the image from memory using an ARM processor and display on your

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    We need people very familiar with the ideo games, and above all the functioning of memory, creation of video games, (Removed by Freelancer)

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    Esp32 wireless (Wi-Fi) - Webserver - OTA Update - Simple Line Graph (6 sources) Flash Memory IC 8Mb - Saved graph data - OTA Update - Source Code ADC - SAR 4 Input (ADS1015) PCB - Layout (Prefer KiCad or Altium, Proteus) - 4 Inputs - 1 Output - Buzzer - 4x16 LCD - ... Basic app/webpage to view graph with ability

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    MEMOIRE(PFE) 4 zile left

    I need someone to do the complete layout of my memory to be presentable

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    ...from this component 4. Component must be able to resize with its parent container and display more or less lines, as required 5. Component must do memory management so that it doesn't run out of memory after a long time of logging - it may use batch-displaying logic to only show the lines around the current scroll position While this component is

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    I wanted this painting in memory of these two dogs. One passed away last year, and the other one passed away today. In memory of them, I would like a painting of them together. The one on the left (golden brown) is a yorkie poodle, and the black pup on the right is a shihtzu poodle. The last 2 pictures is the style im looking for, or anything similar

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    Build Hybrid App 3 zile left

    ...When two citizens are physically close their phones will exchange anonymous identification codes through Bluetooth LE. Each of these encounters will be stored in the phone's memory. The proximity of the the two phones is measured based on the intensity of the bluetooth signal. It will also store the amount of time that you were with the individual who

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    ...structure etc). Assume a grid pitch of approx. ¾ to 1”. The idea is that the dome would later be covered with a material which is transparent to sound – typically a thin layer of foam, with a synthetic fur covering. The covering material is not included in this job, as I am still researching that. But I need the structural components for the dome and base

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    Automated Program 3 zile left

    ...programmer to help debug a fairly complicated program. Our program track the data packets that is dump into our computer memory from a client-server application (our computer is the client). From the data packets in our computer memory, our program extracts only the data of interest. Our program then uses these data of interest to create functions that

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    Trophy icon FCS logo... 1 zi left

    ...america company, we bring services to a transport industry ( truk/ trailers) and food industry process room ( cleaning and sanitization) The name of the company is fcs lavado ( foam cleaning services), but i want the logo only include FCS + slogan i need a logo and the brand concept color that reflects the concept striving for the high-end costumers ($$$$)

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    ...this Cafe on your and his name. No one else will ever be able to name it under his/her name in the future. You will get a beautiful certificate to commemorate your special memory....

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    ...initially to one faulty machine, but will require the solution to be able to replicated on the other two machines in the future. The system needs to be capable of having a memory to retain polishing processes, to be able to maintain a specific pressure on the polishing head, allow for a variable speed on the rotary bed and run to a preset time, all

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    ...Microprocessor EP9302-CQZ - 208LQFP mounted to fix. The plates are basically application of ARM9. I need software that checks that all peripherals are working correctly. Peripherals: Memory K4S511632D-UC75SDRAM 133MHZ 32Mbitx16 - 54TSOP-II MT29F8G08ABABAWP: B NAND Flash 8bit 8Gb 3.3V - 48TSOP KSZ8721BL PHY 10/100 3.3V - 48LQFP CI MAX324 3ECDBR RS32 3/5 Tranciever

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    ...Microprocessor EP9302-CQZ - 208LQFP mounted to fix. The plates are basically application of ARM9. I need software that checks that all peripherals are working correctly. Peripherals: Memory K4S511632D-UC75SDRAM 133MHZ 32Mbitx16 - 54TSOP-II MT29F8G08ABABAWP: B NAND Flash 8bit 8Gb 3.3V - 48TSOP KSZ8721BL PHY 10/100 3.3V - 48LQFP CI MAX324 3ECDBR RS32 3/5 Tranciever

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    Create a processor simulator in Python (with limited memory size, and instruction set)

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    I am looking for two types of help. 1) Reproduction of defects found by users in the field, and 2) Development advice related to crashes, non-fatal errors and memory leaks. At this time I am the sole developer and can only seek out assistance. We cannot bring on a developer with full access to the code base. We can do many things that would support

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    Linux kernel porting help 1 zi left

    Linux kernel porting, Linux network driver, linux device driver, SCSI driver, ALSA driver. linux memory management, linux process management.

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    This is a Non Profit in memory of my daughter who had a heart for all people that needed a hand up, but mostly unconditional, non judgemental hope and brotherly love. She tried to help everyone and turned her back on no one.

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    ...Ability to integrate third-party SDKs and APIs such as services for WebRTC, OAuth, IoT devices etc. Exposure to security best practices. Experience in functional, performance and memory testing. Experience in git-based Version Control Systems. Strong OOPS concepts Strong CS fundamentals (with competencies in algorithms, data structures, design patterns, etc

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    Flutter App 1 zi left

    ...Flutter/UX to build an App with following specification. The person should be proactive in suggesting features and UX elements that might help the app. Resource utilization (CPU, Memory) by App is also an important criteria. 1 Registration - 3 fields 2. Login - Auto with backend, Based on locally saved credentials 3. Rewards screen - Updated from backend

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    ...using PIL. Everything is working fine but it has performance issues. 1) It consume upto 2.5 GB Memory when API is called.' 2) Consume too much time when two concurrent users hit the API. Note: Kindly bid only if you have experience of resolving this PIL memory issue. Bidder will require to work through zoom to resolve this issue as project is dependent

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    ...In a nutshull, our company Lobo Genetics, provides DNA test to allow consumers to know how Cannabis may affect them based on the user's THC/CBD Metabolism, Mental Health and Memory. Our current logo is attached and can be found at Lobogene is more medical feeling as you can see from the overall website design. What we have created is another

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    I have a web crawler that is leaking memory but can't find the memory leaks. Have tried with valgrind but no success. I need an experienced C programmer to review my code and find and fix all memory leaks.

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    ...MySQL database GUI Interface: - Button [SETUP]. To setup database access. - Button [LOAD FILE...]. To select an excel file, and load in into memory, and show it. - Button [UPLOAD TO DATABASE]. To upload data in memory into MySQL database. - Combo box to select active table. - Table for viewing the selected table. - State bar. Configuration files: setup

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    ...controller to do the following; 1. Switch on a load for 1 hour every day, at a preset time of the day 2. Verify switching of the load using a shunt or CT and keep a log in memory 3. Build a simple USB interface which the user can connect to and download the log mentioned in point 2. 4. Through the computer interface the user can also set the real time

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    ... there are seven steps that should be used: 1. Building a Memory-Based Data Structure for Building the Dictionary (TRIE) 2. Sequential Execution - One Query at a Time 3. Sequential Execution - Multiple Queries 4. Threaded Execution 5. Threaded Execution - Multiple Tries 6. Completely Memory-Based Dictionary Creation 7. Improvement (Whatever it be)

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    ...the same column of the same type. In the meantime that I read these instructions from a file I will go to fill my pseudo table in an orderly way with which you will work in memory (and not from file). Then there will be another file in which there are table modification instructions, that is if I want to delete a record or an entire table or add an extension

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    Tizen Web App developemnt 20 ore left

    ...missing. What is required from tizen web application: 1. The contents of the playlist must be downloaded and stored in the device’s memory from server.. After downloading the application, it plays playlist from memory (even if the device is not connected to the network). 2. Every time when something changes in the playlist (or the playlist itself) this

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    I'm looking for someone to write a piece of Rust code that can maintain the state of an orderbook with Coinbase ...and from the highest bid price downwards). - (Ideally) some performance metrics - how long does it take after each websocket update to finish maintaining the book? How much memory does this use? How many updates can it handle per second?

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    Build a design/Need a 3D file 6 ore left

    ... We need exact 'can' specs to be cut out for the gloves to hold a 'can'. We are looking for a foam hand coozie as shown in the pictures attached. We are looking for 2 separate designs, unique and authentic looking. We need them to be animal like foam coozie gloves, we do not want them as human hands. There needs to be a can shaped-hole in each glove

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    ...development that allows a PC to send bulk digital data to an MSP432E401Y's memory. I then require the MSP432 to stream that data from the memory to a data port. The idea is to allow a continuous datastream from the MSP as long as the PC continues to fill the FIFO memory. Ultimately the data will be a parallel SPI format. I would be happy with

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    Trophy icon Logo refresh / redesign 5 zile left

    ...for but any non-standard interpretations are welcome as well. I attached the logo we currently use as well as previously considered concepts. Goddess Rada – Goddess of memory, happiness and joy, spiritual bliss, Divine Love, beauty, wisdom and prosperity. One of its meanings is the gift of the sun. The main calling of the Rada is to bring joy to

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    Trophy icon Design a mattress layer graphic 2 zile left

    We ...layers of our mattress. The mattress has 3 layers of latex foam, wool layer between top cover and foam and a top layer of TENCEL. Example images of we like are attached. Latex foam = white Wool = Very Light Yellow Tencel = white Top layer of foam = 5 cm Bottom 2 layers of foam = 7.75 cm Wool layer = aprox .5cm Tencel Cover = .5 cm

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    ...(neuroimaging, MRI) to explore the development, training, and use of self-regulatory CONTROL in the service of ADAPTIVE BEHAVIOR. This work includes studies on: mechanisms of working memory and cognitive control; enhancement of cognition through training; development of cognitive control and its role in adolescent decision-making; links between self-regulation

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    New improvement ways of improving dyscalculia children memory in the multiplication table. A new method of learning to memorize multiplication table easily in a practical way for dyscalculia children.

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