41 Open Source Swift UI Libraries for iOS Development

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Swift is a programming language developed by Apple in 2014. It’s designed to work with their suite of products, including watchOS and tvOS. It’s meant to be more stable, more concise and less error-prone than Objective-C, which came before it and was first introduced way back in 1984. If you know Objective-C programming, though, you’re at an advantage: the majority of Objective-C is still represented in some form in Swift.

Nonetheless, it’s no surprise that Swift is a really popular programming language, with a broad-based open source community constantly uploading new projects and sharing information. It’s still rising in popularity according to TIOBE, so it hasn’t even peaked yet. If you want to work on development for Apple’s products, then you’re in very good company. This list contains some of the best open source libraries, hand-picked from among Github’s top rated Swift UI libraries.

What’s the benefit of these libraries? Rather than building something yourself, from scratch, you can see how other people do it, and even use the open source libraries available to build your app way faster than you could otherwise. In the end, it’s all in how you bring it together to make the final product – but these libraries will definitely help you on your way!



This is a key aspect of any app: getting people set up and showing them how to use the app. Here are a couple of libraries with useful features you might want to browse through and consider.

DZNEmptyDataSet: Sometimes, you need to show a user an empty screen. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to make sure the empty screen explains why it’s empty.

Instructions: Time to create a walkthrough? Here you go!

Presentation: This library covers you for tutorials, release notes and animated pages. Perfect, right?



It’s important to get popups right: they can be really disruptive to the user experience. These resources might just get you on track.

PKRevealController 2: Slideable side menu to allow navigation.

Popover: Want a popover utility? Here’s one written in pure Swift.

Presentr: A good shortcut to allowing you to present your view controllers however you like.

SCLAlertView-Swift: An easy to implement animated alert.

SwiftMessages: Alert! You need this.

XLActionController: An extensible library allowing you to quickly create any custom action sheet controller you want.



You don’t want moving between screens or opening something up to look clunky, right? These libraries might just help in making it look slick and easy.

PagingMenuController: A paging view controller which has customizable menus.

PinterestSwift: Like the way Pinterest does things? This Swift library helps you implement the functionality.

PreviewTransition: A simple but slick preview gallery controller.

Twicket Segmented Control: A custom UISegmentedControl replacement for iOS.

YouTube Transition: Want something like Youtube’s ability to watch a video in the corner of the screen? Here you go!



Looking for a bit of animation to spice things up? Tahdah!

Macaw: A vector-graphics Swift animation library which has SVG support.

Material: An animation and graphics framework for Material Design in Swift.

RazzleDazzle: An easy-to-implement keyframe-based animation framework, ideal for scrolling screens.

Spring: Simplifies iOS animations in Swift.

Stellar: A Physical animation library just for Swift.



Want to add a little pop of color to make you stand out? Try these.

Chameleon: A flat color framework for iOS.

DynamicColor: Allows you to easily manipulate colors in Swift.

Hue: An all-in-one coloring utility!



If your app needs to display a feed, these libraries should help you present it in a simple but powerful and useful way.

DGElasticPullToRefresh: It’s all in the name – an elastic pull to refresh component written in Swift!

ExpandingCollection: A card peek/pop controller.

FoldingCell: Want a folding-paper look? That’s what inspired this feed UI library.

IGListKit: Designed for building fast and flexible lists.

Persei: Animated top menus.

PullToMakeSoup: Want a quirky, custom animated pull-to-refresh? Try this one!



Need to include a form in your app? Try this out.

Eureka: An elegant form builder for iOS.



Want to provide a search function? Try this.

Reel-Search: A controller allowing you to choose options from a list.



The layout of your app is something you really can’t afford to skimp on. Get some inspiration from these libraries.

Neon: A programmatic UI layout for iPhone and iPad.

PureLayout: One of the ultimate APIs for iOS and OS X layouts.



Want to make your icons really clear and intuitive? These libraries should give you some ideas.

CircleMenu: A really nice, minimalist circular menu layout.

PaperSwitch: Paints over the parent view when you toggle a switch on.



Need to do some image handling? If that’s key to your app, you really don’t want to get it wrong. These open source libraries should have you covered…

ComplimentaryGradientView: Allows you to create complementary gradients based on the dominant colors in a supplied image.

FaceAware: Gives UIImageView the ability to focus on the face/s within an image.



Need to display a graph? Getting the UI right is important here, or the graph will be useless and anyone using your app will be totally frustrated. Use these libraries to help you get it right.

Charts: Lets you build all kinds of beautiful charts in-app.

Scrollable-GraphView: Set up a nice scrollable graph utility.



DateTimePicker: What it says on the tin – a nice clean interface for picking dates and times.

If your app needs to deal with scheduling and picking dates, your UI needs to be intuitive. There’s no time to stare at it trying to get it right! Fortunately, these libraries have got some great examples for you.

JTAppleCalendar: An unofficial Swift Apple Calendar Library.



Need to include a message utility? Here’s one library that might just give you everything you need.

NMessenger: A lightweight messenger component built on AsyncDisplaykit.


There are tons more out there – there might well be a new open source library available every day. Let us know what your favorites are in the comments!

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