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Thank you for considering this project. I have created a book and I am looking for someone to create a full-color cover for it (both paperback and e-book). Here are details to be put on the cover:

Intended self-publisher: KDP
Title: The Modern Jew: A Jew's Venn Diagram
Author: Lyons McBean
Book size: 6.14 x 9.21 inches*
Pages (incl. title page etc.): 44
Back cover needs to include:
- Space for BarCode*
- "About the Author" section, to include approx. 20% of back cover (please use fake text in your entry; actual text to be provided after winning submission is selected)

*The file needs to be of sufficient size to cover both the front and back covers plus the spine for publishing on KDP, and information on the measurements can be found here:, which also contains information on spacing for the barcode.

About the book: this collection of short stories, poetry, and essays portrays the struggle between religious ritual and the demands of everyday secular life. The subject religion is Judaism but it could easily relate to any of the major world religions, emphasizing the tension between daily rituals that seem illogical and the desire to maximize everything we love about life. Many religious institutions limit what we eat, where we go, when we stop to pray, and even whom we marry: and whether to continue the traditions of our ancestors may sometimes depend on how strong our faith is, not merely in a chosen deity but in the cultural restrictions imposed by our community.

Although the first edition will be compact and in paperback only, it should have the "feel" of a coffee table book (I may later approach you to create a separate hardcover version). I am pretty flexible about the design, although if you are unfamiliar with Jewish coffee table books, it would be helpful if you reviewed samples on Amazon (just search for Jewish coffee table books, there are a million of them).

Also, please educate yourself on what a Venn Diagram is ( I am attaching a rough sketch of the Venn Diagram I am hoping you can finalize digitally and use somewhere in the cover, although I leave it to you to decide whether it will feature prominently. (I apologize that my art skills are very poor) You can see that it is composed of two overlapping inverted triangles: in the final version, please make each triangle a different shade and make the center "hexagon" a hybrid shade. See the color sample attached (don't use the exact colors, they are included just to show how colors overlap in a Venn Diagram).

Also, because the book focuses on uncertainty, I attach a couple sample graphics of a question mark that you might want to adapt for use in the background. (Note, the question mark graphics are for sample purposes only; they are not public domain files and cannot be used directly) This is only optional. Feel free to disregard and do something completely different.

Finally, I will need both the pdf versions and the source files of the finished product.

Once I have selected you and we have finalized our cover, I also need an e-book version of the same cover, something much simpler is fine but with the same look.

This is my first freelancer gig so please bear with me as I learn how this works.

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