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I am working on a project where characters from illustrations will be put in urban environments. There is an example of that in the files.

I need a full-color scene with at least one character in it. You have freedom in what the scene will be exactly, but it has to be related to Bulgaria and its culture or history. I will upload some reference files for inspiration, but I'm sure you can find more online. Another thing is, I would like the scene to be more dynamic with the character in some kind of movement. A great plus would be to invoke some kind of atmosphere or a feeling.

The character and image as a whole have to appeal to a wide range of people from different age groups. They need to see a positive side of their cultural heritage. They might nitpick every detail and look for reasons to unlike it. (But fear not! Everyone who wants to create something has an opposition.)

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  • pendavewh
    • acum 3 luni

    I'm still illustrating. please wait for my Entry :)

    • acum 3 luni
  • TriangleArts
    • acum 3 luni

    sorry, but I am going to paint the reality of Bulgaria, "no fantasy", is it ok for you?

    • acum 3 luni
  • cvarjotie
    • acum 3 luni

    That is a lovely project! I wish I could paint there with you :) Do you have a specific wall or area already selected? Just so we could have an idea of where it is going to be.

    • acum 3 luni
    1. borislav2
      Titular Concurs
      • acum 3 luni

      Hello Claudia. Thank you for your interest in the project. I am not prepared to give you a concrete example, but you can check this website for references of how its going to look like

      • acum 3 luni
    2. cvarjotie
      • acum 3 luni

      This is great! Thank you!

      • acum 3 luni

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