How the Contest Handover Works

Once a contest winner is selected, all that's left to do is to complete the Contest Handover.

Here's how the Contest Handover works:

1. The contest holder and winner are required to sign the IP Transfer Agreement.

The IP Transfer Agreement is a printable document giving the contest holder ownership of the winning entry.​

2. The winner is expected to upload the winning entry files (maximum size per file is 200 MB). Once the files are submitted, the contest holder is given 14 days to download, review and accept the files. At this point, the contest holder can also request the winner to do any file revisions before they accept them.

The prize money will be released to the winner once the contest holder clicks Accept Files & Award Prize.

Note: If the contest holder does not accept the files within 14 days after they are uploaded, the prize money will be released automatically to the winner.

3. Both the contest holder and winner can leave feedback for one another. 

It’s the same process for Runner-up Winner(s). After an entry is bought, both the contest holder and the freelancer enter the Contest Handover. Once it’s done, the contest holder will be the owner of the entry, and the runner-up winner will receive his/her payment. The feedback option, however, is only available between the contest holder and winner.

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