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  • Professional email templates for business communication
  • Impactful video presentations paired with engaging slides
  • Slick and well-organized annual reports in PowerPoint format
  • Eye-catching and memorable PowerPoint designs for brand promotion
  • Efficient edit and refinement of existing presentations
  • Cohesive content arrangement for improved flow and clarity
  • Creative design of pitch decks for startups and investment proposals
  • Visually appealing designs for education or training purposes

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    I am in need of a PowerPoint expert for the creation of a Corporate Strategy Presentation. This impactful presentation is intended to captivate the Board of Directors and Employees. Comprising of more than 20 slides, it will showcase our strategic business direction. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Exceptional PowerPoint design and format abilities - Solid understanding of business strategy concepts - Proven track record creating corporate presentations - Ability to create visually engaging designs - Excellent communicator who can transform complex information into digestible content. Your task will entail delivering a PowerPoint presentation that not only communicates our strategy clearly but also engages and motivates.

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    I'm looking for an expert PowerPoint designer to create a detailed company introduction presentation. It should include engaging and comprehensive elements surrounding the company history. The ideal candidate has: - An extensive background in PowerPoint design - Previous experience with creating company introduction materials - An understanding of how to narrate a company's history in a captivating and concise manner - Excellent skills in designing clear and visually appealing slides Your task will be to transform our company's history into an engaging PowerPoint presentation that will captivate our audience. Please include examples of previous work in your proposal.

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    I need an expert to help me rearrange and improve the existing content of my gitbook documentation. This includes updating images with higher quality ones, adding relevant icons, and organizing the document in a logical sequence. Key Responsibilities: - Rearrange the existing content to improve its flow and coherence. - Enhance the images and icons with higher quality visuals that are relevant to the content. - Organize the gitbook to ensure a logical sequence that is easy to follow. - Improve the text sequence layout by enhancing headings and subheadings, and incorporating bullet points or numbered lists where appropriate. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in gitbook documentation - Strong ability in content restructuring - Experience with visual design and iconography - Fami...

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    I need a captivating PowerPoint presentation pitching my idea on a 4 day trip to Ibiza, created to entertain my friends and family. I need a really good layout and visuals and animations and I can add the content - I need the presentation to be flashy as it’s a competition!! KEY ELEMENTS: - Main focus is on slide design, layout and animation . I will add content - need to make it fun!!! IDEAL CANDIDATE: The ideal freelance candidate is skillful in making visually appealing, entertaining, and dynamic PowerPoint slides. Previous experience creating travel-themed presentations is a plus. Good research skills to find high-quality images and maybe even short clips would be appreciated. Let's take my audience on a virtual journey to Ibiza! I need the slides by 5pm Irish Time.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to effectively compile and present a call centre report in a polished PowerPoint presentation. Key Elements for the Report: * Although some information was skipped, understanding of call center metrics is critical. Analysis of metrics like number of calls answered, average call duration, and call abandonment rate is beneficial. Application Requirements: * Freelancers should include past work relevant to this task in their application to showcase their abilities. Ideal Skills & Expertise for the Job: * Proficiency in PowerPoint is a must. * Due to the nature of the report, a strong understanding of call centre operations and metrics is highly desirable. * Excellent data presentation and visualization skills. * Strong attention to detail and accuracy is...

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    I'm looking for an experienced designer to transform my extensive Hackathon plan into an engaging pptx pitch deck. Ideally, you should have experience using Canva Pro, although other design software may also be acceptable. Here are the main requirements: - Design the presentation with a modern and vibrant style, reflecting the innovative and fast-paced nature of a Hackathon. - Focus on these three sections: Introduction and problem statement; Goals and objectives; Event timeline and schedule. These are to be derived from the existing document (~20 pages). - You have the freedom to choose colors and fonts that suit the theme, as I currently don't have a specific choice in mind. Experience in graphic design and a strong understanding of presentation design principles will be bene...

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    I need a visually engaging and professionally tailored PowerPoint presentation for a communication skills workshop. There will be two separate versions, one for virtual classes and another for face-to-face sessions. Today, I already have an initial design which I am fond of. But, I remain open-minded to new and innovative designs. Here are some of my specific requirements: - Integrated elements: A mix of images, graphics, and text. No bullet points. - Tone or style: Should adhere to a professional and corporate feel. - Color scheme: I have a color theme in mind but I'm open to suggestions. - I have a workshop outline that can be provided - I attached a deck that I've started. I like the clean style The ideal individual will be experienced in creating high-quality PowerPoint pr...

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    I'm in need of a structured PowerPoint presentation that effectively provides an overview of our company and services. The target audience will be potential clients, so the content should be clear and engaging to showcase our brand in the best light. Key Requirements: - The presentation should have a balanced mix of text and visuals; it shouldn't be text-heavy but must also not rely solely on images. - The content should be structured and flow logically to maintain the attention of the audience. - The design should be professional, engaging, and most importantly, appealing to potential clients. Final submission, editable PPT with 8-10 slides and should be able to complete work in 4-5 days. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in creating engaging and effective P...

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual who can transform our existing PowerPoint presentation. This is a corporate deck aimed at informing stakeholders about our business. Key aspects of the required transformation include: - Enhanced visual design: The new presentation needs to be visually captivating. This includes the selection of appropriate imagery, color schemes, and design elements that can effectively convey our message. - Interactive elements: I'm looking for someone who can incorporate interactive elements into the presentation. This could be in the form of clickable buttons, animations, or other engaging features. - Clearer messaging: Our current presentation is somewhat convoluted. The successful freelancer should be able to streamline the messaging and make it clear,...

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    I am in need of an experienced graphic designer to create a Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates for my business documents. This project requires an understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite alongside strong design skills. See attached for my logo. Key tasks include: - Design a Microsoft Word template that includes my company logo, headers, and footers. - Similarly, create a corresponding PowerPoint template that aligns with the Word template design. - The templates should be professional, sleek, and unique, reflecting my brand's identity. - Header and footer will include company information such as social media icons, address, etc. -Footer for the power point will include a partially transparent image that I will provide Ideal skills for this job are: - Advanced proficiency i...

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    I need a creative and engaging slideshow for my sociology class. The topic is on government and politics, work and economy, and health and medicine. Key Requirements: - 20 slides minimum - Creative and engaging style - No specific sources, you can use your own I'm looking for a freelancer who can deliver a high-quality, engaging slideshow. The information should be accurate and relevant to the topic. Please ensure to cite sources where necessary. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in creating PowerPoint or similar slideshows - Strong research skills to gather information on the mentioned topics - Creativity in presenting information in a visually appealing manner - Understanding of sociology concepts will be a plus I'm willing to pay $150 for good work. The deadline f...

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    Creating an influential PowerPoint Infographic/Quote is my core goal. With a purpose to persuade potential clients, meticulous design is a necessity. Key deliverables: - Inclusion of graphs and charts to present facts, support arguments and reinforce the persuasive purpose. - Engaging and informative infographics to transform complex data into easily digestible portions. Requires exceptional PowerPoint proficiency, strong graphic design skills for graphs and charts, infographics, and strategic communication. The ideal freelancer should offer previous experience in creating persuasive presentations aimed at potential clients. I am providing a 3 page Presentation with various information already provided. We will want to add more data. I need some uniformity of colour. Mainly red, blue...

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    I want an insightful and engaging business presentation to educate my clients. This presentation should integrate a mixture of text and images to clearly and effectively communicate the desired information. Key requirements: - Creativity in text and image use for concise yet informative communication - Expertise in crafting intuitive business presentations - A good understanding of client-focused communication - Be able to decipher market data and convert to meaningful visuals The ideal freelancer for this job would have an excellent command of English, a keen eye for design, and experience in creating business education materials. If you have a background in client & delivery presentations and can provide examples of previous similar work, it would be a significant plus.

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    I seek a professional PowerPoint developer to assist in creating an engaging presentation. The presentation is specifically tailored towards an adult audience, so the design and content must be appropriate for this demographic. While the need for interactive elements is currently undecided, should you possess the capability to include these, please include this in your bid. Ideal skills include: - Proficiency in PowerPoint - Experience in creating educational materials for adults - Knowledge of adult learning principles - Ability to create interactive elements (if required) Experience in e-learning or instructional design is a bonus. Please provide a portfolio or samples of previous work for assessment.

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    Wir stellen in unserem Unternehmen unsere Dokumente um. Hierzu sollten die Dokumente, die im spezifischen Apple-Format erstellt sind wieder in die Microsoft-Formate umgewandelt werden: Pages -> Word Numbers -> Excel Keynote -> PowerPoint. Es sind gut 100 Dokumente, die umgewandelt werden müssen. Dabei sollen die Dokumente in den Microsoft-Formaten nachbearbeitet werden: - SIlbentrennung aktivieren - Seitenumbrüche prüfen und ggf. korrigieren. Die/ der Freelancer:in muss die detusche Sprache beherrschen.

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    I'm in need of a freelance professional to create a PowerPoint presentation that infuses creativity, boldness, and various multimedia elements for my internal team. This project requires: - The integration of high-quality photos to enhance visual rhetoric. - The efficient use of animation to make the presentation more interactive and engaging. - Inclusion of background music that dials up the desired mood and tone of the presentation. Creative license is welcome. The perfect person for this job is someone experienced in: - Business presentation designs with a creative bent. - PowerPoint multimedia capabilities. - Understanding of target audiences. Express your creativity and boldness with this project. It's not your typical corporate presentation. It's meant to inspire ou...

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    As an educator, I'm searching for a skilled creative with vast knowledge and experience in PowerPoint video presentations to construct a piece that embodies a vision of the future blended with elements of artificial intelligence and computing. PPT should be in video format The central theme of the project is: - Educational content: You'll be required to incorporate a futuristic look using my selected choice of colors (navy blue, silver, or white). Key Elements: - Fewer than 5 minutes in duration to maintain audience engagement, and compact enough for impactful delivery. - Data visualizations: To give the presentation a tangible sense of the scale and reach of AI technologies and computer science. - AI technology diagrams: To clarify and add depth about the functionality an...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer who can craft a tailor-made PowerPoint presentation on an Educational topic. Even though the specifics will be disclosed to the selected freelancer, expect to handle trending Educational concepts that require a deep understanding and innovative presentation techniques. Skills & Experience: - Proficient in PowerPoint with a keen eye for detail - Experience of creating educational presentations - Excellent understanding of trending educational concepts - Ability to conduct research on given topics and compile it in an easy-to-understand, engaging format Your Application: While applying, please share your past work involving Educational PowerPoint presentations. As a primary requirement, a detailed project proposal that gives me a sneak-peak o...

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    I need a pitch deck keynote template that can visually represent our startup, an iGaming studio. It needs to be vibrant and playful. Key requirements: - Design a full pitch deck template for a keynote/powerpoint presentation - The color scheme is up to your creativity - The overall style should be playful and vibrant Ideal Freelancer: - Experienced in graphic design, specifically in creating pitch decks - A good eye for playful and vibrant design - Familiarity with the iGaming industry would be a bonus Brief more in detail.

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    We are seeking a talented freelancer to create a captivating and informative presentation on the Kulbhushan Yadav case for the subject of Public International Law. The presentation should be concise, engaging, and visually appealing, consisting of no more than 10 slides. Background: The Kulbhushan Yadav case is a significant legal matter that has garnered international attention. As such, we require a presentation that effectively summarizes the key facts, legal arguments, and implications of this case within the realm of Public International Law. Scope of Work: The freelancer will be responsible for: Conducting thorough research on the Kulbhushan Yadav case, including its background, legal proceedings, and outcomes. Distilling complex legal concepts and arguments into clear and underst...

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    CONVERT PDF TO PPTX -150 SLIDES 5 zile left


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    I need a designter to create my convention PowerPoint presentation in pptx today. 150 slides with a professional look and feel. I have the slides done in pdf format but not sure they're editable. You can make the pptx format just equal to the pdf . An example of one of the deck slides in attach. PLEASE TALK TO ME WITH ONLY FINAL VALUES, FOR THE PROJECT. I NEED ALL THE 150 PPTX SLIDES IN 7HOURS ALREADY REVISED AND APPROVED BY ME.

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    I am seeking a professional with excellent design and storytelling abilities to craft a corporate presentation primarily aimed at corporate investors. The central objective of this presentation is to express our company's financial stability, technical expertise and product innovation. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in creating corporate presentations - Data and content will be provided so no research is required. - Ability to portray financial stability in a compelling and easily digestible format - Proficiency in using modern presentation tools - Background in finance or business would be advantageous The final product should communicate effectively to our corporate investors our strong financial standing and potential for a solid return on investment. Your job wil...

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    I need an expert able to create an engaging, polished business pitch presentation aimed at principal companies in the automobile industry. This project requires: - Profound knowledge of the automobile industry and what might appeal to principal companies. - Extensive experience in developing captivating business presentations. - Ability to deliver a compelling narrative and strong arguments likely to persuade these key industry leaders. Skills and Experience: - Expert in PowerPoint or similar tools. - Strong research and storytelling abilities. - Experience in the automobile industry is a major advantage. - Exceptional communication and design sense. The final delivery should be a business pitch that's engaging, polished, and effective at converting the audience.

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    I want to make a Microsoft education presentation where it starts off with showing the Windows logo, then zooms into one of the panes of the logo then it goes into a couple of points for that topic, then zooms back out to show the windows logo then zooms into another pane of the logo. So basically : Windows Logo, Topic #1, zoom into a window pane, after topic #1 is done, zoom out to show the window logo, Topic #2, zoom into another window pane, after topic #2 is done, zoom out to show the window logo, Topic #3, zoom into another window pane, after topic #3 is done, zoom out to the window logo, topic #4 zoom into the final window pane and after topic #4 is done, final slide should be a conclusion of the 4 topics and an opportunity to show a video then its over. I dont want any informati...

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    I'm in need of a PowerPoint template that represents my brand in a modern and snazzy way. The color scheme should be inspired by the Microsoft logo. I intend to include a blend of text-heavy slides and images/videos in my presentations, and I'll need the template to accommodate this. Template Structure: Introduction: Microsoft logo with zoom-in animation to focus on one window pane. Placeholder text for presentation overview. Topic 1: Zoom-out animation from current window pane to transition. Placeholder text for Topic 1 content. Topic 2: Zoom-out animation from current window pane to transition. Placeholder text for Topic 2 content. Topic 3: Zoom-out animation from current window pane to transition. Placeholder text for Topic 3 content. Topic 4: Zoom-out animation from cu...

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    Data entry 4 zile left

    Looking for a skilled freelancer to efficiently transfer 500 questions from Microsoft Word to an Excel spreadsheet. This task requires precision and attention to detail. If you have experience with data entry and are proficient in both Word and Excel, we'd like to hear from you. This is a straightforward project with clear instructions, offering flexibility and a competitive rate. Join our team and help us streamline our data management process.

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    I require a proficient expert to devise a comprehensive assessment test targeting advanced skills on Microsoft Office's Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The objective of this sophisticated test will be to gauge the advanced proficiency level of test-takers, with expected deliverables including: - Word proficiency: Ability to create and format advanced documents. - Excel proficiency: Demonstrate potent data analysis and reporting skills. - PowerPoint proficiency: Proficiency in creating and designing effective presentation layouts. The ideal freelancer for this job will be an expert in Microsoft Office Suite, with solid experience in creating similar tests or training materials. Familiarity with modern educational standards and requirements will be an added advantage. Mastery in document...

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    I'm in need of a skilled PowerPoint designer to help me create a persuasive and engaging presentation for a business audience. Key requirements: - The presentation aims to persuade, not just inform. - The target audience is Top Management - The style should be innovative and creative. Your role will involve: - Understanding the core message and key points I want to convey. - Translating these into a visually appealing presentation. - Ensuring that the design is engaging and captivating for a business executive audience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating persuasive presentations for business audiences. - Proficiency in PowerPoint and a strong design aesthetic. - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to ensure that the final product meets my expe...

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    I'm looking to transform our current networking and systems documentation into a visually appealing and easy-to-understand slide deck. The primary goal of this presentation is to serve as a knowledgebase for our existing customer. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Ability to take this project on with full engagement, building the entire creative side without minute by minute guidance - Prior experience in creating engaging and informative slide decks - Knowledge of networking and systems documentation - Understanding of customer-facing content - Graphic design skills to ensure the presentation is visually appealing

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    I am in need of a professional to assist me in creating a comprehensive package presentation for our property in Greville St Prahran. The primary goal of this presentation is to maximize the valuation of the property. Key Highlights and Features: - Unique Architecture: The property boasts of a one-of-a-kind architectural design that sets it apart from other properties in the area. - Location Advantages: The property's location in Greville St Prahran offers numerous benefits such as proximity to key amenities, public transportation, and a thriving local community. Target Audience: - Valuers: The presentation should effectively communicate the property's value in a way that resonates with professional valuers. - Financiers: I am looking to attract potential financiers who will se...

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    [template proposals will be ignored] I need someone to move PowerPoint animations to my ProPresenter 7. I have a single PowerPoint file with animations that I'd like to start using in ProPresenter 7. The animations consist of text, slide transitions, and object movements. Key requirements include: - Transferring all animations from the PowerPoint to ProPresenter 7 - Ensuring that the timing and sequence of animations are maintained - Making any necessary adjustments for compatibility between the two software Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in both PowerPoint and ProPresenter 7 - Strong understanding of animation and timing within presentation software - Attention to detail in replicating animations faithfully - Prior experience with similar projects would be a plu...

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    I need a 10-20 slide PowerPoint presentation. Please note this project doesn't require any specific visual elements, most of the content will be text-based. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PowerPoint - Experience in creating educational or training presentations - Strong design sense to work with text-heavy content

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    I require a freelancer proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word to create a digital document. Key Requirements: * Creation of a coherent document, integrating both textual content and images. * Application of personalized design elements like custom colors, fonts, and branding materials. The ideal freelancer for this project has a keen sense of design, with experience in document formatting—deploying custom colors, fonts, and logos. Mastery in manipulating both PowerPoint and Word to create engaging and visually compelling resources is vital. Your portfolio showcasing similar projects will increase your chances.

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    I need a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation comparing various types of Internet-based end-to-end protocols. Your job will be to research and compile the most relevant information about each protocol. Highlight the unique characteristics and use-cases of each, and facilitate understanding through clear and engaging slides. Key responsibilities will include: - Comprehensive research on Internet-based UDP,TCP and RPCend-to-end protocols - Bringing forward key differences and similarities among them - Creating visually appealing and informative slides Ideal skills and experience: - Strong in Internet protocols and networking - Experience in creating professional PowerPoint presentations - Excellent research skills - Ability to present complex information in an easy-to-understand way

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    I'm working on a project examining One Piece's effect on Japanese media. I’m in need of someone who can effectively communicate this topic in a visually appealing PowerPoint presentation. The project details are: FUN TASK IF YOU LIKE ANIME/MANGA (SPECIFICALLY ONE PIECE -analyze how One Piece(the manga/anime) has influenced other forms of media, such as television, film, literature, etc. talk about about it has also influenced all of Japan, and wordwide, but mainly Japan *add in other stuff as you see fit* -mention Eiichiro Oda(creator of One Piece) -mention the live action One Piece (with Inaki Godoy, Taz Skylar, Emiy Rud, etc.) and it′s impact and whatnot -make the presesntation fun and eye-catching--I have attatched my previous Japanese presentation to let you kn...

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    I'm looking for a professional to breathe new life into my 5-slide PowerPoint presentation focusing on a State Park. Here's what's expected: • Improve the existing design: I require the slides to be polished and enhanced while keeping the content intact. The goal is to deliver the information more effectively and make the presentation more visually appealing. • Add animations: To make the presentation more engaging, I'd like some tasteful and relevant animations. These need to be fluid and not distract from the presentation's informative focus. I don't have any strict design theme in mind - I'm open to your creative input as long as it remains appropriate for a State Park context. Ideal skills for this job include a strong background in gr...

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    I'm in need of a skilled course creator who can use multiple formats for my 40-hour security guard course, including: - Video lectures - Text-based modules - Interactive quizzes The course content should ideally be organized in: - Modules/Chapters - Lesson plans - Topics/Sections An essential part of the job includes creating a PowerPoint slide presentation for the course. I appreciate a candidate who is adept at creating engaging and informative content tailored to a security guard audience, with prior experience in course development a major plus.

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    I'm seeking a skilled individual with expertise in PowerPoint to assist in designing slides for a technical presentation. The presentation’s theme revolves around electrical engineering, so knowledge in this area is an asset. Your role will include: - Designing and styling the slide layout. - Incorporating our company logo within the slides. The ideal candidate will: - Have a strong background in creating professional PowerPoint presentations. - Understand how to effectively present complex, technical material in a clear and concise manner. - Show creativity in utilizing our company logo within the design. Please provide samples of past PowerPoint designs, ideally from technical presentations. I look forward to seeing your work and discussing this project further.

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    I am in need of a proficient professional to assist me in completing a spreadsheet and business plan for my project. Being located in New York, in-person collaboration is essential for this task. Key Responsibilities: - Data Entry: Assisting with populating my spreadsheet with pertinent data. - Business Plan Development: Adding relevant content into my business plan template. Ideal skills & Experience: - Proficient in Excel or similar spreadsheet programs. - Knowledge in business plan development and structuring. - Strong communication skills and an eye for detail are crucial. - Previous experience with similar tasks is highly preferred. - Being based in New York is a must. Benefit from the opportunity of comprehensive collaboration and the potential for further engagements.

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    I'm in need of a detail-oriented freelancer to assist with a versatile data entry project. The task may involve text data, numeric data, or even image data as the specifics have not been settled upon yet. When applying, it's crucial to provide examples of your past work as your experience will be integral to your success in this role. It might be necessary to deliver the completed work in various formats, such as spreadsheets, databases, or text files, the final choice depends on the outcome of the project. An understanding and familiarity with all these formats will be essential in a potential freelancer.

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    I'm seeking an adept professional to create an interactive visualization for my numerical data. The primary objective is to communicate complex data simply, emphasizing its nuances and effectively communicating its significance to its viewers. Required Experience and Skills: - Profound expertise in data visualization - Ability to create interactive graphs - Capable of translating complex numerical data into easy-to-understand, interactive, visual format - Exceptional communication skills to effectively convey complex matters Your valuable inputs will aid in making our data more digestible and meaningful. Looking forward to your expert assistance.

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    I’m seeking a professional with strong PowerPoint skills and a keen understanding of business principles. This presentation aims to efficiently and effectively inform potential investors about our enterprise. Your work will play a pivotal role in shaping investors' perceptions and understanding of our business. Key Requirements: - Robust PowerPoint skills - Solid understanding of business fundamentals - Ability to distill complex information into easy-to-understand visuals and text - Experience creating presentations for a corporate audience, ideally investors Deliverables: - An engaging, informational PowerPoint presentation on the specified business topics - Appropriate visuals to enhance comprehension and retention If you have a flair for design,...

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    I require an expert in urban planning to create an engaging presentation with the primary focus on presenting various urban design options. Although the designs have not been specified, your creativity and expertise will be crucial in developing this presentation. Key responsibilities: - Create and present a variety of urban design options - Ensure designs can clearly communicate to stakeholders Ideal Skills: - Urban planning background - Proficient in using presentation software The project should be completed within one week. An in-depth understanding of urban planning is a must for this task. Proficiency in creating clean, attractive presentations is also crucial.

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    I require a PPT expert skilled in creating enticing and colourful presentations that educate an audience. My project involves the development of an educational curriculum presentation. The perfect candidate for this undertaking would have: - Distinctive PowerPoint skills in creating colourful and interactive content - An innovative approach to information presentation to facilitate learning effectively - An excellent understanding of how to structure educational material into a clear, comprehensive, and engaging presentation. - Experience in designing curriculum-based content I am looking forward to a professional who can transform my educational curriculum into a bright, fun, and instructive PowerPoint presentation.

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    I need a top-quality PowerPoint to showcase the exceptional services offered by our wedding planning company. We're particularly skilled at organizing both Destination and Luxury weddings, and our presentation should reflect that. Main Points: - Display examples of wedding decor and themes we've created to give clients a deeper understanding of our distinct aesthetic and sense of style. - The presentation should highlight testimonials from our past clients, showcasing their satisfaction with our services and the memorable experiences we've provided. Ideal Freelancer Skillset: - A seasoned PowerPoint creator with a knack for translating ideas into visually captivating content. - Should have experience in wedding-related projects. - Strong understanding of the event plannin...

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    I need a PowerPoint presentation specialist to craft an engaging pitch deck focused towards investors. The main objective is to convincingly present the market potential of my product to potential business investors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven background in business/investment presentation design - Strong knowledge in illustrating market potential Job Requirements: - Create a visually compelling and engaging investor pitch deck. - Must incorporate the market potential of the product as the main message. - Tailor the presentation to appeal to a business audience. Deliver an enthralling narrative that will pique and maintain the interest of potential investors.

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Oferta medie
    95 oferte

    I'm in need of a skilled PowerPoint presentation and company profile designer to assist in communicating our market disruption effectively to potential investors for our quick service restaurant startup. We have our content of all slides ready, just need a designer, who can place our content in a visually appealing format, with minimal content. Key Aspects: - Create a compelling and investor-friendly Business Pitch PowerPoint Presentation - Craft a striking Company Profile to attract and convince potential investors - Accentuate our unique potential in the market disruption through visuals and narratives. Ideal Skills: - Expert level command of PowerPoint and Adobe Suite - Past experience in creating investor pitch decks or similar material - Strong understanding of the investmen...

    $93 (Avg Bid)
    $93 Oferta medie
    41 oferte

    I am looking for a specialist with aesthetic sensibilities to create a creative deck template for a presentation utilizing Google Slides. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Google Slides is a must. - Must be a creative designer with a good aesthetic sense. - Design the deck template according to a creative visual style. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in creative design. - Proficient in Google Slides. - A strong portfolio demonstrating previous work related to this project. - Excellent communication skills. Let's connect and enhance the aesthetics of my presentation!

    $13 (Avg Bid)
    $13 Oferta medie
    24 oferte

    I'm searching for a skilled presentation designer to collaborate with me on creating an engaging sales pitch presentation. - Purpose: The primary goal is a meticulously-crafted presentation that caters to small and medium-sized businesses. - Content: The presentation should incorporate infographics, product images, and client testimonials to drive our sales pitch's key points. Ideal candidates will possess: - Strong proficiency in data visualization and infographics. - Expertise in creating presentations that are highly visual and engage audiences. - An understanding of our target audience - small to medium-sized businesses. - Experience in integrating customer testimonials into presentations to boost authenticity and trust. I'm excited to find the right person who ca...

    $57 (Avg Bid)
    $57 Oferta medie
    25 oferte

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